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At Modern Ekonomi, we want to help our customers develop their businesses and become more successful. Therefore, we have designed a variety of educations, especially tailored for small and medium-sized businesses and its staff.


This is a one-day course that suits both business leaders and employees. We learn the foundation of a company's financials and how to influence profitability and liquidity as well as how to manage the business with the help of financial reports.

Lecturer: Mikael Carlson


This is a half-day course that suits both business executives and employees. We learn what is included in the financial reports and how to read these in order to understand how your business is doing.

Lecturer: ME staff / Anders Bernåker


This course focuses on how to analyze and use the bookkeeping as a basis for decision-making. The bookkeeping is a description of how the business develops, and understanding and being able to read this correctly is the basis for understanding how the business can be managed and developed further. The course is a full day and is suitable mainly for business leaders.

Lecturer: Mikael Carlson


This course focuses on the company's payments and disbursements, and how liquidity can accrue and be tied up in your business. Liquidity is one of the company's most important resources, and it’s therefore important to understand how it can be influenced and controlled. The course is a full day and is suitable for both business executives and employees.

Lecturer: Mikael Carlson


This one-day course describes responsibilities and opportunities consistent with board work. The course aims to streamline and improve the work of board members in different roles in small to medium-sized companies.

Lecturer: Anders Bernåker


Your business success depends on how well your business focus has been chosen and how goals can be translated into strategy and action plans. This is a course that works together with your company, and where we work with you management to structure a business plan and elaborate possible strategies in your business area. The duration of the course depends on the scope of the business plan.

Lecturer: ME staff / Mikael Carlson / Anders Bernåker


We are used to working in many of the accounting systems available on the market. We will assist you in finding the right programs and help you get started.

ME staff

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